awesome AWESOME A W E S O M E! You know it's good when you hit "play" and it's over way too soon. Highly recommended if you like Daft Punk, Roxy Music, and Jan Hammer. And, Joe Satriani, The Ventures.
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Loving it! by Kewlrats

Absolutely terrific album! Great to write to, and excellent to work out to. The tempos of the beats are spot on, and the variety of instruments that Razzy plays and sounds he creates is inspiring!


Awesome! Diggin your album buddy!

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Moody and Magnificent!
Like a modern-day Jan Hammer coming out of nowhere, Razzy Bash is here! This album presents the perfect marriage of synth pop and driving rock, a perfect soundtrack to a night drive on a Cool Moonlit Highway. Crunchy bass guitar and driving beats form a tight groove under Joe Satriani-like guitar melodies and synth themes. Among many favorites, check out Speeder's Credo and Double Clutch Disaster.


"Check out my friend Raz's great new album - it's perfect music to drive/work/play or hang out to. Enjoy!!"

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Sounds 80's to me, 5/5 stars
:-D by Jbdupree

Oh great! Now I am going to have some new "ear worms" to pleasantly tickle my brain. Yes, I know Razzy, & no, I was not "influenced" in any way to write such grand things about this... Well... Refreshing to hear instrumentals that take me back to my youth...those were the days where songs stayed with you & you smiled. Thanks, Razzy... Next, please...

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Fantastic, 5/5 Stars
by KarateMom

Great music. Fun to dance and exercise to. Creative and different. I love it!