Bio: Razzy Bash (tm) / Raza A. Bashir - Creator, Musician and Producer

Razzy Bash(tm) represents the music produced by Raza A. Bashir of Razzy Bash LLC.  This is "Raz" and here's my story. I'm a Metro-Detroit based one-man-band and producer of instrumental music that fuses several genres. Detroit has a rich heritage in both music and cars. - That's what inspired me to create "Loitering in the Left Lane". It's all about having cool driving music.

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where I was exposed to many genres of music and multi-national influences. As a teenager, I always wanted to learn more about music and audio production; but my parents discouraged me from taking music courses or joining a band because they wanted me to focus more on my academic subjects. I always felt that there was a part of me that yearned for music creation; but I never got to express that desire until a few decades later. That is, well after establishing my career as an automotive designer.

For many years I enjoyed listening to high-quality sound productions on nice audio systems and strummed a guitar now and again. But I never got serious about creating music. A good friend convinced me that I had an ear for recognizing good sound. I decided to take matters into my own hands and try a few licks using a home-based recording studio. I guess I fell in love... I am so thankful that I got to immerse myself in the passion for creating music even if it was decades after I originally desired it.

My goal with this debut album was to create a set that combines a common theme put in styles of dance, jazz, rock, and electronica in a nostalgic, instrumental audio production using real guitars, synths and layered digital drum patterns. This music has been mastered in a neutral 80s-style EQ and output level similar to my vintage CD music collection; i.e. a little toned down compared to typical new iTunes re-mastered music.

On a very personal level, I love when music helps me think and reminds me of old times and acts as a soundtrack to my life. I believe that music is the universal language with which we are born and exhibited in something as beautiful as a heartbeat. I have been working on this album for about 7 years and I love how it makes me feel when driving, sketching, relaxing or working-out. Inspired by musical scores for car chases, 70s spy and action movies, 80s rock, 90s dance beats, and many sounds of my youth, I offer this debut album to you for your listening pleasure.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have producing it for you. Thank you.